How To Block Stairs From Dog (And The Safest Dog Gate For Your Home!)

Are you worried about your dog getting hurt while rushing down the stairs? Yes, this is a concern millions of dog owners deal with every day and it can be frustrating. This is why more and more dog owners are taking the time to learn how to block stairs from dogs.

Whether it is a newly-installed dog gate or a manual solution, you will have to look towards making a change right away.

So, what should a dog owner do when they are worried for their dog’s safety?

It’s best to start by learning how to block stairs from dogs and which dog gate to invest in for your staircase. This guide is going to shed light on what is required as a dog owner when you want to block the stairs from your dog.

Best Dog Gate for Your Home (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate is a premium-grade solution while learning how to block stairs from dogs. This is easy to set up, robust, and offers complete protection once it is ready to go. Dog owners don’t require tools during the assembly process and it even comes along with a versatile extension kit depending on where it’s being installed.

This great dog gate for staircases is engineered to offer a small pet door. This provides additional flexibility to dog owners when it is time to let the dog through.

Tips on How To Block Stairs From Dog

Use a Dog Gate

A safe dog gate for your home is essential.

The dog gate is going to act as a consistent barrier for your dog making it easier to keep your pet safe. Otherwise, a dog is more than clever enough to get used to solutions that are more temporary in nature!

Do you research and find a versatile dog gate for home that’s easy to set up. This is one of the best ways to make sure you are not putting your dog in harm’s way and it doesn’t take a long time to install. In general, the average dog gate tends to take no more than a few seconds to assemble. This is more than enough to ensure you get a good deal.

With a dog gate, you should always find one that looks nice once it is installed. With so many options, go with a quality dog gate that’s robust, efficient, and isn’t going to look out of place.

How To Block Stairs From Dog

Train Your Dog Using Verbal Commands

The best solution is to use verbal commands.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight especially when it comes to rushing down the stairs. Your dog is going to be naturally inclined to freely run around the property, which makes it hard to reel them in.

So, what do you do to control them when you are at home?

As you learn how to block stairs from dogs, you will realize it’s all about verbal commands. These are going to keep them safe, especially when you are paying attention. For the times you aren’t in the same area, it’s okay to set up the dog gate.

It’s important to continually train your dog to understand the stairs are off limits when a specific command is said.

A dog gate is undoubtedly a great solution to keep your dog away from the staircase but using verbal commands is a good option to have ready to deploy.

If your dog recognizes the command, they will know it is time to steer clear of the stairs.

In most cases, it is going to take you at least a few weeks or months to get them to learn. Even then, it is highly recommended to assemble a dog gate and set it up in front of your stairs. Don’t assume the commands are always going to work! They may not work well leading to unwanted issues.

Set Up Tinfoil

A unique solution that is used to stop dogs from running down the stairs is to set up tinfoil. Yes, tinfoil does a wonderful job in protecting your home and dog.

How does tinfoil work once it has been set up?

In general, you are going to use the tinfoil as a way to deter the dog from running around. This tinfoil is going to be placed right in front of the stairs. When it has been positioned correctly, your dog isn’t going to take that route any longer.

A lot of dog owners want to learn how to block stairs from dogs but don’t know what to do. While it is always recommended to invest in a new dog gate for your home, it’s okay to consider using a temporary solution such as tinfoil.

Just like with everything else, you have to see how the dog reacts.

Are they willing to steer clear of the stairs or are they ignoring the tinfoil? This is going to help make your decision easier as a dog owner!

If they do respond well to this, you will want to make sure the tinfoil is positioned in the same area whenever you want to block the dog from getting onto the staircase.

How To Block Stairs From Dog

Use Carpet Runners

Ever tried walking across an uncomfortable path that rubs against your feet and doesn’t feel too good? Well, what if you tried something similar with your beloved dog?!

The idea is simple enough. You are going to set up carpet runners near the stairs and watch as this acts as an organic deterrent against your dog rushing down the stairs. They are going to feel the carpet runner against their paws and realize this isn’t worth it.

Your goal should be to go with a safe carpet runner that will provide complete protection. There are several options on the open market but it’s all about finding a good fit for your property. What works well for others isn’t going to cut it for you!

The goal remains to learn how to block stairs from dogs and that is going to begin with a good dog gate and/or carpet runners. Using carpet runners to stop dogs at home continues to be a wonderful option to have up your sleeve.

Experts Say...
A well-placed carpet runner acts as a natural deterrent when located near or on the stairs. Most dogs will refuse to go near it.

When you are taking the time to set up a new carpet runner at home for dogs, you want to focus on where your dog steps the most. Are they taking a specific route to the stairs? This should guide you down the right path when it is time to learn how to block stairs from dogs.

Set Up Shelf Liner

Using a shelf liner is something dog owners don’t think about when learning how to block stairs from dogs at home.

Let’s assume your dog continues to run at the stairs and hurtle down with reckless abandon. What are you going to do to put a stop to this?

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a new dog gate for your stairs, why not invest in shelf liners? These products are noted for doing a wonderful job in protecting the dogs and making sure they can’t get through.

When you take the opportunity to set up the shelf liner, it’s going to be an immediate deterrent. Your dog is going to take a look at the shelf liner and realize it isn’t possible to get through. This is more than enough to put their bad habits to a stop.

Please note, you have to install the shelf liner properly. This is the only way to stop a dog from jumping down the stairs. Any other solution isn’t going to deliver meaningful results unless you go with a safe dog gate for your property.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to learn how to block stairs from dogs, it’s all about knowing what works best for your dog.

Some are going to respond well to a carpet runner while others are going to need a more long-term solution such as a quality dog gate. It’s all about taking the time to analyze which solution works by testing different options.

Whether it is a carpet runner, tinfoil, or a good dog gate, it’s important to take action right away. The last thing you need is for the dog to get hurt before you get started.

Safety is always important whether it’s time to buy a professional-grade dog leash, trustworthy dog chew treats, a good potty training pad for home, or the best dog toys for your pet.