How To Heat Up Fish Tank Quickly (And Which Aquarium Heater is Best!)

Is your fish tank’s temperature dropping? Want to know how to heat up fish tank quickly? These are important questions and it’s essential to take them seriously as a fish owner.

The average fish tank is going to go through fluctuations when it comes to the water temperature. However, you have to make sure to stabilize the temperature so it doesn’t fluctuate rapidly! This can put your fish in harm’s way immediately.

So, what can a fish owner do when it is time to heat up a fish tank?

This guide is going to take a look at how to heat up fish tank quickly, which heat is the best for your fish tank, and how to make sure the right solutions are employed for your setup.

Best Heater for Aquarium (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Hygger Aquarium Heater is one of the best aquarium heaters on the market right now. It’s easy to set up, highly-rated, and in line with contemporary standards of excellence. Due to its fully-automated controls, fish tank owners don’t have to worry about managing the heater during the day. It will continue to consistently regulate the water temperature inside a fish tank.

This quality aquarium heater also provides a multitude of options when it comes to power output. This enables fish tank owners to adjust the temperature based on their fish tank size. Put this solution to use and never worry about heating up a fish tank quickly ever again.

Tips on How To Heat Up Fish Tank Quickly

Use a Good Aquarium Heater

If you are searching “How to heat up fish tank quickly” then it’s time to invest in a safe aquarium heater.

What is the value of buying the best fish tank heater on the market right now? There are several benefits and it’s important to make the decision as soon as possible. Temporary solutions aren’t going to cut it for long!

A good aquarium heater will provide peace of mind. It will ensure the temperature is appropriately regulated throughout the day regardless of what is happening externally. This is essential for those worried about fluctuating temperatures inside their room.

Instead of taking a risk and manually controlling the temperature inside a fish tank, why not invest in a high-quality aquarium heater? This will offer more than enough power to keep the fish tank working as it is supposed to.

The charm of going with a good aquarium heater is knowing it will continue to generate power in all situations. This means you can focus on other aspects of fish tank maintenance rather than having to test the temperature all the time!

How To Heat Up Fish Tank Quickly

Adjust the Room’s Temperature

If you are in a rush and want to have a prolonged impact on your fish tank water then it’s time to adjust the room’s temperature.

In colder months, this becomes one of the easier ways to help regulate the fish tank’s water temperature.

The idea is to use the thermostat as a way to control the fish tank’s water conditions. For example, if you have set the thermostat to 21-22 celsius then it’s time to crank things up a few digits. Continue to pay attention to the fish tank water after a few hours. It will also start to heat nicely.

Keeping the room’s temperature to a stable 21-22 degrees celsius will ensure the fish tank’s water temperature doesn’t plummet rapidly.

Of course, it’s important to keep an eye on the fish tank and make sure it is not overheating. This becomes a problem as the temperature rises outside your property.

You shouldn’t do this all the time but it’s important to make adjustments on the go. If you make adjustments to the room’s temperature, it’s a lot easier to control how cold the fish tank water is. Otherwise, it will get to the point where your fish tank water continues to get colder and colder with time.

Be diligent and make these adjustments right away. They are going to save you quite a bit of time as a fish owner.

Use a Warm Plastic Bottle

This is a trick that is used for those wanting a short-term solution for heating a fish tank.

In general, the “Warm Plastic Bottle” method works for a little bit but it won’t fix the root cause (i.e. external conditions). This method is going to ensure you have additional time to work a long-term solution for heating the aquarium.

So, what is this method all about then?

The premise of this method is to take a traditional plastic water bottle, pour freshly boiled water in, and seal it with a cap. After doing this, you are immediately going to place the water bottle inside the fish tank.

This will start to warm the fish tank water automatically. While it is not going to be rapid, you can continue to keep track of the water temperature and make further adjustments (i.e. add another water bottle).

It’s important to note, you should only do this when you have a few hours to spare. There should never come a time when you leave the fish tank with the water bottle inside. This could lead to a situation where the water becomes too hot.

While this is rare, you should always prepare for the worst and go for there!

You goal should always be to ramp up the water temperature when it drops. This means taking out a well-sized water bottle and placing it inside the fish tank. It will take a bit of time to change the water temperature inside a fish tank but it will work.

This is one of the best DIY methods in the world when it comes to warming a fish tank. Over time, you will start using long-term solutions but this is a reliable starting point. Start here and you are going to feel more than comfortable with the results.

How To Heat Up Fish Tank Quickly

Wrap the Fish Tank with Warm Blanket

This is another temporary solution and can be used in combination with the “Warm Plastic Bottle” method.

This is a straightforward solution and is just as you would imagine.

In general, you are going to heat a well-sized blanket that can wrap around the outer shell of your fish tank. This needs to remain near the base of the fish tank, so you can start heating the water without blocking your view.

Experts Say...
Heating up a blanket and wrapping it around the fish tank is a good DIY solution for short-term results.

In most cases, you are not going to have to worry about overheating the water in your fish tank. Instead, it is only going to work for a while before the results are going to start slowing down. A lot of fish owners realize this only works for 15-20 minutes before becoming ineffective.

The only time this method should be used is if you don’t have an automated heater for the fish tank. Since you won’t have a way to consistently heat the fish tank, this is an option that can be used. Continue to monitor the water during this process and take regular temperature checks to make sure you are on the right path.

If you feel this isn’t working as well, it is okay to add another warm blanket on top. This is going to add more heat into the mix leading to faster results.

Temporarily Position the Fish Tank Closer to a Vent

Where is your fish tank located in the room right now?

There are times when a fish tank is too far away from a vent. This is generally okay but it won’t be if the temperature is dropping and your water is becoming too cold. When this happens, it’s time to make immediate changes to your setup.

So, what is the right way to go as you learn to heat up fish tank quickly?

The goal is to position it close to a heating vent. This is going to allow the heat to come through and warm the fish tank for a bit. Please note, this shouldn’t be done for long periods because it may overheat the fish tank leading to unnecessary harm!

If you are going to be doing this make sure the temperature is increased slightly and you don’t put it right on top of the vent. It should be nearby providing more access to the warmer air being pushed through the vent.

It shouldn’t take long for the fish tank water to heat up. In most cases, you are going to start to notice a change on the thermometer after a few hours. This is more than enough to help regulate the temperature before you look towards buying a safe aquarium heater.

Find a New Room in Your Property

Do you have a different part of the house that is warmer than this one?

It’s normal to place a fish tank in a certain room based on preference. However, this doesn’t mean that is the hottest part of your property.

Walk around the home and see where you can position the fish tank to make sure its water is in good shape throughout the coming days.

Final Thoughts

If you are typing, “How to heat up fish tank quickly” it’s time to start acting right away.

It’s all about understanding what’s required to regulate the fish tank’s temperature and which aquarium heater is going to work the best. By having this knowledge in hand, you are going to have a far easier time managing the situation.

Whether it is going out and buying a brand-new fish tank, trying to get rid of brown algae, pushing oxygen into a fish tank, or eliminating a pungent fish tank smell, it’s essential to keep your pet’s safety in mind.

The tips in this guide are going to be a wonderful launching pad as you try to find the answer for “how to heat up fish tank quickly.” This is the best way to make sure the fish tank is in good shape and isn’t going to start to create inhospitable conditions.