How To Fix A Cloudy Fish Tank (And Which Water Treatment is Best!)

Is the water in your fish tank starting to look odd, stale, and unhealthy? This happens when debris is allowed to sit in the water and can often cause cloudiness. This is why it’s important to learn how to fix a cloudy fish tank immediately.

By taking action right now, you can make it easier for the fish to stay healthy.

A cloudy fish tank isn’t something you want the fish to swim in. This is going to impact their long-term health and lead to significant medical concerns later on. Take the time to focus on this right away by using the tips mentioned below.

Here is a detailed look at how to fix a cloudy fish tank, which water treatment is best for cloudy fish tanks, and why it’s important to get started immediately.

Best Water Treatment for Fish Tank (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Acurel Water Clarifier is a power-packed option when it comes to getting rid of cloudy water inside a fish tank. This clarifier uses a cutting-edge formulation to help eliminate impurities in the water without harming the fish.

The organic extracts in this formulation are picture-perfect when it comes to keeping the fish healthy without compromising on quality. As you learn how to fix a cloudy fish tank, it’s important to go with a good water clarifier such as this one.

How To Fix A Cloudy Fish Tank

Remove the Debris

Begin by removing the debris in your fish tank.

This can have a profound impact on how much damage is done to the water. This is something fish owners don’t do and that leads to a compromised fish tank. Instead, you want to start picking out decaying objects that are lying at the bottom of the fish tank.

Yes, this means it’s time to get rid of that old accessory you put to add oxygen in the water!

Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it’s safe forever. You have to swap these accessories out from time to time or the water is going to become cloudy.

As soon as you start to notice the water’s consistency change, you will have to get rid of this debris right away. Anything that is at the bottom of the fish tank needs to be removed and/or swapped. This is the only way to keep your fish healthy and the water looking crystal-clear.

When you are taking the time to remove debris from the fish tank, it’s important to focus on what the root cause was. For example, if it was a fish tank accessory decaying then it might be time to look at where it was placed in the tank. This can shed light on whether or not the placement had anything to do with the cloudiness.

How To Fix A Cloudy Fish Tank

Vacuum the Gravel

It’s essential to start vacuuming the gravel in your fish tank.

For this job, the Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer Siphon Kit is a good tool to have by your side.

In general, this isn’t going to take a long time but you have to be as methodical as possible. This means starting from one corner of the fish tank and gradually moving to the other end.

When done right, the gravel is going to be removed from the water. This is the only way you can make sure the water isn’t cloudy any longer, especially if the root cause was excess gravel.

Using a new-age vacuum can make sure the gravel is effectively removed to help clear out the water and prevent future damage.

When setting up the vacuum make sure it’s going to eliminate the gravel safely. You don’t want a situation where the tank is getting damaged and/or being exposed to cracks. It’s better to take your time during this process and vacuum carefully.

This is why going with a specialized siphoning kit is the way to go. It will save you a lot of time and is going to be specifically made for the fish tank.

Change the Water Frequently

How often are you changing the water inside your fish tank?

This is a common mistake fish owners make and that is what causes the cloudy water. There is nothing worse than taking the time to care for your fish but forgetting to change the water! It’s a simple task that can be handled with the help of a quality fish tank water changer such as Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer.

Your goal should be to routinely assess the water’s condition and implement a proper water changer.

This is how you are going to make sure the water is in perfect condition and doesn’t get damaged over the long haul. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before the cloudiness starts to appear and you have to start taking dramatic measures.

In general, this is one of the better preventative methods for ensuring the fish tank’s water doesn’t become cloudy. Once you set up the water changer in your fish tank, it’s going to keep the water fresh, clean, and healthy.

This should be your aim when it is time to go with a long-term solution for the fish tank.

How To Fix A Cloudy Fish Tank

Use the Right Water Treatment

As you learn how to fix a cloudy fish tank, it’s important to get started with the right water treatment as mentioned above.

If you are not taking the time to clear up the water, it’s going to remain in the same state and/or worsen. This is why it’s recommended to purchase a quality water clarifier for your fish tank and start using it in the water.

Experts Say...
The right water clarifier can bring any fish tank back to 100% normalcy as long as it is used as directed.

The water clarifier is designed to get rid of impurities in the water. It’s a simple change that is effective, proven, and is going to keep your fish healthy at the same time.

If you are serious about getting rid of the cloudy water in your fish tank then it’s best to start here. A water clarifier is specifically designed to help with this task, which is why it has to be the first item on your list.

Once you find a good water clarifier for the fish tank, it’s going to be an easy adjustment to make. You are going to start to notice a change in the water’s condition and that is when it will the treatment’s effectiveness will become apparent.

Cut Down the Feedings

Are you putting too much food into the fish tank?

This happens more often than fish owners realize and that is what leads to unwanted odors and/or cloudy water. As soon as you start to notice cloudiness in the water, it’s time to cut back on the amount of food you are giving to the fish.

The food is likely settling into the water and leaving quite a mess throughout the fish tank.

When fish food is allowed to settle in the water, it can start to rot rapidly leading to significant odors and clouded water.

However, the best part about this particular cause is how easy it is to spot. You will know this is the problem as soon as you learn how to fix a cloudy fish tank. The reason has to do with how the food particles sit in the water. They are going to be easy to spot and you can start to fish them out with a net.

Of course, this isn’t going to get rid of the problem and you wlil still have to use a good water clarifier for the fish tank.

Although, it is a clear sign you have to cut back on the amount of fish food you are giving to the fish. A simple tweak is going to be more than enough to ensure the water remains crystal-clear throughout the year.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to learning how to fix a cloudy fish tank, the goal should be to use a good water clarifier to help cleanse the fish tank properly.

It’s recommended to do this patiently without missing a spot.

Just like taking the time to find a safe air pump for your fish tank, buying a good cleaning option for aquarium gravel, or handling fish-related odors, it’s important to focus on the root cause and what your fish needs.

By focusing on your fish and its health, you are going to have a far better time learning how to fix a cloudy fish tank.

Use the tips in this guide to get started as soon as possible. This is going to be a launching pad when it comes to keeping the fish healthy and feeling good about how the water looks.