How To Keep Small Dog Out Of Litter Box

Is your dog regularly snooping around the litter box? Do you want to learn how to keep a small dog out of the litter box?

This is one of those details people don’t think about when it comes to their dog. You can’t let things continue as they are and it’s time to take action the right way.

So, what can a cat owner do when it comes to their small dog hopping into the litter box?

It’s all about implementing dog-proof solutions around the litter box or investing in a great dog-proof litter box.

This detailed guide will take a look at how to keep a small dog out of litter box, what the best dog proof litter box has to offer, and why it is important to take the right steps immediately.

Best Dog Proof Litter Box (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box is a wonderful solution for those tired of having their small dog rush into the room and go through the litter box. With its supple design, dome lid, and charcoal filter, it’s the ideal option for modern cat owners to set up at home.

Along with having a wide array of features, this quality dog proof cat litter box is also aesthetically pleasing as it comes in multiple colors. Choose the one that works best for you and enjoy how much it aids you with this problem.

How To Keep Small Dog Out Of Litter Box

Use a Dog Proof Litter Box

When learning how to keep a small dog out of litter boxes, it’s all about going with a dog-proof litter box.

This is a state-of-the-art solution that is going to provide a cutting-edge way to control the problem at hand. Rather than having to train your dog or use dog repellent solutions, why not keep things simple by changing the litter box?

A quality dog proof litter box is going to go a long way in tampering your dog’s desires. They will steer clear of the litter box when they know they can’t get inside!

Take the time to look at which dog proof litter box works best for your house. In most cases, you are going to want to go with the one recommended above. It’s a world-class dog proof litter box and meets all established safety standards.

How To Keep Small Dog Out Of Litter Box

Train Your Dog

Training your dog is a wonderful option and it’s a good way to reduce most issues that involve this beautiful pet.

What’s required to train your dog to stop ruining the litter box?

You will have to take the time to build a negative association between the dog and the litter box. This can be done in a number of ways including using a harsh tone or keeping dog treats away from the dog during training sessions when they’re near the litter box.

Over time, your dog will start to make a connection between being around the litter box and not being rewarded or praised.

Studies show the best way to reduce dog-related concerns is to train them. This can help build a strong connection between what is allowed and what is not when it comes to a litter box.

Don’t assumed this is going to be straightforward and your dog will learn how to stay away from the litter box!

In most cases, you will have to quickly learn how to keep a small dog out of litter boxes by going through regular training sessions. It is only a consistent stream of training sessions that are going to improve your dog’s behavior.

Otherwise, your dog will continue to revert back to its old behavior.

Raise the Litter Box

For more on how to keep a small dog out of litter boxes, it’s all about understanding what the dog sees as soon as it enters the room.

In general, your dog is going to see a conventional litter box that is set at ground level. This is ideal for the dog because there is nothing deterring its path. As a result, the dog is going to rush towards the litter box and make a serious mess!

So, what can you do to make sure the litter box is not at an ideal height for the dog? You change the height of the litter box!

A traditional litter box will be at ground level, but what if you elevate the cat’s litter box? If you elevate it a bit, this is going to make it much harder for a small dog to reach inside. This is essential when you are trying to figure out different ways to keep them away from the litter box.

Even with a dog proof litter box, you are often going to see grooved steps to ensure only the cat can get inside.

This will vary from situation to situation but you should always look to elevate the litter box in your home.

How To Keep Small Dog Out Of Litter Box

Clean up the Poop Right Away

How long does it take you to clean the poo out of the litter box? Are you waiting until the end of the day? Are you doing it right away?

According to experts, you should be cleaning the poop right away. This is the only option when there is a dog at home and you don’t have a dog proof litter box set up.

Experts Say...
One of the most effective ways for “dog-proofing” a traditional litter box is to keep it clean throughout the day. This reduces its appeal in the dog’s mind.

As you learn how to keep a small dog out of litter boxes, you will start to realize how important it is to set up a cleaning routine. You should pay attention to where your cat is and then make adjustments from there.

As soon as you realize the cat has gone to relieve itself, you will have to kick things into high gear. This means you will be right there to get rid of the fecal matter once your cat is done.

By doing this, you are going to know for sure the dog didn’t have a time to dig into the litter box.

As you recognize how to keep a small dog out of litter boxes, you will know this is a great option to have available.

Keep the Dog Occupied

Are you taking the time to keep your dog occupied when the cat is near the litter box?

This is a simple solution that can be manageable for a few weeks. In general, you will want to keep an eye on your dog to see what it is doing when the cat is using the litter box. Over time you will start to realize what works to keep your dog away from the litter box.

A great option is to start playing a game with your dog. This is going to encourage it to focus on what you are doing or saying.

It’s a neat way to make sure your dog doesn’t go where it’s not supposed to be! Of course, this means you are going to have to actively pay attention to both the cat and dog but it is feasible for a few days.

Do this until you are sure the dog has learned not to go near the litter box or you have set up a new dog proof litter box at home. Both options are good as long as you take the time to implement a proper solution.

When done right, this will help regulate what your dog is doing.

Final Thoughts

This is how to keep a small dog out of litter box.

There are going to be times when you get frustrated with your dog and don’t know what to do. In these times, it’s important to take a step back and focus on what can be done to prevent your dog from being around the litter box.

There are several steps a cat owner can take but it’s best to go with a dog proof litter box as soon as you can. This is the right way to handle the situation and is going to become a proper fix for what is going on in your house.

Just like buying an elevated food bowl for kittens, looking for great kitty treats, or seeking a dust-free cat litter solution, it’s all about improving your cat’s life. This is especially true when it pertains to their litter box!

Keep your eye on what the cat needs by reeling your dog in. If there are issues revolving around the litter box, your cat isn’t going to be happy and that leads to long-term issues. Plus, you are not going to enjoy the results of your dog getting into the litter box either!