Leaving Puppy In Playpen While At Work | Should You Do It?

The one question dog owners have is, “Should I start leaving puppy in playpen while at work?” and it can become difficult to answer.

In some cases, you may feel it’s unsafe or inhumane.

However, studies show that is not the case and a quality playpen for puppies can go a long way in keeping them under control. You have to realize these are young dogs that are still development physically and mentally. This means you have to reel them in just like you would with a baby. Letting a baby loose wouldn’t be appropriate and neither is letting a puppy loose around your home.

Keep things simple and look towards finding the best playpen for puppies.

This guide is going to take a look at whether or not it’s smart to start leaving your puppy in a playpen at work and what the main advantages are.

Best Playpen for Puppies (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The MidWest Homes for Pets Exercise Pen is an exceptional solution for dog owners. With its aesthetically pleasing design, double-latch security, and 8 ground anchors, this is a world-class playpen for all of your needs.

The company behind this playpen has done a masterful job of creating a full-fledged solution that’s well-rounded, easy to set up, and built to last. Use this for your dog’s early years and feel comfortable spending time away from home.

Benefits of Leaving Puppy in Playpen While at Work


Just like buying a well-designed no-pull harness, a quality leash for young dogs, or even a quality muzzle for a barking dog, it’s important to retain control.

It is this control that is going to make life easier for you.

A lot of dog owners don’t have control over their puppy and that causes them to become frustrated. Instead of allowing things to become uncontrollable, why not invest in a good playpen for your puppy? This is the best way to make sure they are behaving even when you are spending long hours at work.

Playpens are well-appreciated by dog owners because they work with all dog breeds. It’s about making sure your puppy remains in the same spot when you’re not present.

Control is imperative because your puppy isn’t going to understand what’s safe and what’s not. This means they are going to bite into everything, run dangerously close to fragile items, and/or simply find a way to leave the house!

This is an unsettling situation to deal with and you have to make sure a playpen is set up to counteract the concern.

Leaving Puppy In Playpen While At Work

Peace of Mind

It’s important to think about peace of mind when answering a question like, “Should I start leaving puppy in playpen while at work?”

If you aren’t happy about what’s happening at home, it’s not going to lead to good results at work!

This is an essential positive to think about when setting up a playpen for your puppy. Pet owners have to think about their psychological well-being because having a puppy run around recklessly is the last thing you need. It’s better to have a playpen set up when you are spending time at work.

Studies show pet owners demonstrate increased stress levels with a young pet at home.

In some cases, dog owners start using pet cameras to keep an eye on their dog, but this isn’t always going to be helpful when the puppy is running around. Look towards setting up both a playpen and a pet camera, if you want the best of both worlds.

With this combination, you are going to have the ability to work peacefully.

This is essential when you are going to be spending time at work for at least 9-10 hours per day. This is common, which means you need a quality solution when your pet is at home all alone.

Get started with the playpen and watch how it improves both the puppy’s and your life. It will be a game-changer.

Additional Room to Explore

Giving your puppy a chance to explore is great for their development.

Of course, you are going to ask, how does a puppy explore their surroundings inside a playpen? The idea is to allow them to spend time outside a dog crate. Those crates limit how much they can see, especially when it comes to what’s happening above them.

A playpen is great for providing more freedom and letting them run around a larger area.

If you are someone that wants to make sure the puppy continues to develop well and stays happy then a playpen is good. It will allow them to move and isn’t going to feel like a trap around them. While dog crates serve a purpose, it’s best not to use them for 9-10 hours in a row.

Your goal should be to use a playpen when you are at work. This will provide your puppy with an opportunity to stretch their legs, run around, and play with different dog toys.

Why not go with a solution such as this? It’s going to be a major advantage and one that is going to boost your puppy’s happiness. Over time, you can even start to expand how much area the playpen covers.

Minimizes Damage to Your Property

When asking questions such as “Should I start leaving puppy in playpen while at work?” it’s important to consider your house and its layout.

In general, the average house or apartment is going to have limited space. You are also not going to have the opportunity to hide everything to make sure the puppy doesn’t break fragile items or hurt themselves by getting into the wrong places.

Experts Say...
Dog owners often cite dealing with the most damages during a dog’s first year at home.

Having to worry about broken vases, missing items, and other dog-related concerns while at work isn’t worth it! You have to be alert and make sure to go with a straightforward solution, which is why a playpen is a successful option.

It is going to be easy to set up and you will know the puppy won’t be going into places that aren’t safe for them.

There are many examples of dogs that start running around as soon as they are allowed to roam around the property. You will notice this even when you are present in the house. They are going to be bouncing off the walls and that is simply unsafe.

Be proactive and keep your puppy inside a playpen when you go to work.

Leaving Puppy In Playpen While At Work

Good for a Puppy’s Development

The main factor you have to account for is your puppy’s development.

Are they happy with what is going on? Are they going to continue to flourish when it comes to their mental well-being?

When you are asking these questions, you will want to analyze what the playpen is going to do for a young dog. Puppies are smaller in size, which means they are going to enjoy being inside the playpen.

You should also look at investing in good dog toys for the playpen that will ensure they have something to do. When done right, the dog playpen can be a great opportunity for the puppy to have a bit of fun.

Think about the dog’s development when it comes to its overall health. Remember, if you let them run around as they please, they are eventually going to get hurt. This should be more than enough to help you answer the question “Should I start leaving puppy in playpen while at work?”

Focus on setting up a good playpen for your puppy when at work. This is the only way to feel safe regardless of how old your puppy is. This is imperative especially considering modern work schedules.

Final Thoughts

Should you start leaving puppy in playpen while at work?

The main concern people have is whether or not their puppy is happy. Yes, this is something dog owners mull over when deciding what’s okay and what’s not.

In general, a puppy is going to love its playpen. They are going to feel right at home and are going to be used to the idea of being in smaller spaces. Remember, this isn’t a full-grown dog, it’s a puppy that is still developing.

As long as the playpen is put in a safe spot and they have something to do, the playpen is going to be a wonderful addition.

Working professionals that are asking “Should I start leaving puppy in playpen while at work?” should focus on the benefits listed above. This is a great way to regulate how your puppy is behaving when you aren’t present.

Invest in a good playpen for puppies and watch as your pet remains safe when you spend long hours at work.

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