How To Trim Dog’s Face Without Cutting Whiskers

Want to learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers?

This is one of those challenging propositions that leave dog owners in a state of panic. In some cases, you even have dog owners refusing to go ahead with the process and that’s unfortunate.

So, what can you do in a situation such as this?

This detailed guide will showcase how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers, which tool to use to trim a dog’s face, and why it’s important.

Best Tool For Trimming a Dog’s Face (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Oneisall Dog Grooming Clippers offer an all-in-one solution for dog owners. The cordless design is ergonomic, well-made, and easy in the hands while holding your dog’s head in your hand. The 60db setup ensures the dog doesn’t get scared when this is turned on making it a no-brainer for your needs.

Along with the low vibration and quiet setup, it’s also made of stainless steel leading to a certain sense of longevity.

This is the perfect dog trimming tool for facial hair.

Pet Grooming Scissors 

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The Pet Grooming Scissors are well-appreciated worldwide for being accurate, ergonomic, and ideal for all dog breeds. The round-tipped design ensures dogs remain out of harm’s way during the trimming process and dog owners can maintain full accuracy.

The cushioned handles also provide relief to dog owners as the session wanes on. They’re lightweight, consistent, and made of Japanese-grade stainless steel for increased longevity. These pet grooming scissors are perfect for those who want to build the perfect dog grooming kit for home.

How To Trim Dog’s Face Without Cutting Whiskers

Use a Professional-Grade Tool

When you learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers, it’s smart to use the right type of tool.

A professional-grade clipper is a must. This is how you are going to ensure the hairs are appropriately removed without harming the dog or creating uneven patches. You want them to look like a million bucks and that is only happening when you are diligent with what you are using!

Invest in the right type of grooming clippers so you are on the path to success.

Whether it is close to the dog’s eyes or the dog’s ears, you want to be using the right tools. This is essential in those sensitive areas such as the dog’s mouth where you have to be accurate.

By having the right tools in hand, you have a far greater chance of succeeding and not cutting whiskers along the way. This is essential as you learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers.

You will want to make sure the same tools are used whether it is a thin or thick undercoat. The same rules apply when it comes to trimming a dog’s face.

How To Trim Dog's Face Without Cutting Whiskers

Start at the Top of the Head

What part of the face are you looking to start with?

With a haired dog or a pregnant dog, you have to start at the top of the head. This is a must for all dog breeds because it’s going to allow you to begin with an “easier” part of the head. This is where they are less likely to shake, stir, or cause trouble.

Over time, they are going to become comfortable with what you are doing. This is when you start to learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers.

Research shows dogs handle trimming sessions better when you begin away from the eyes while they get used to the process

When you want to maintain the look for years to come, it’s all about having regular sessions. These sessions are going to allow your dog to get used to the process but it isn’t going to be easy in the beginning. This means you have to start at the top and then work your way down to other parts of their face.

This is also a good way to test yourself as a dog owner.

You want to feel in control at all times and it is best to start in an area that is easier to trim such as the top of the head.

Be Precise and Take Your Time

When it is time to groom a dog’s facial hair, you have to be precise.

There is no reason to trim your dog without understanding the value of patience and accuracy. Each movement has to be methodical and without aggression. This is what your dog is going to respond to as soon as you begin trimming away. In some cases, you will need to stay calm and work in smaller sessions.

What does it mean to be precise?

When you are learning how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers, it’s important to recognize what the dog is feeling during the process. They won’t feel comfortable even if they trust you.

This means you have to be accurate and make sure the trimmer and/or scissors only go where they need to.

Electric clippers or grooming shears are a must for this. They offer a high level of accuracy simply because of how they function. You don’t have to worry about messing with the scissors.

Of course, dog grooming scissors do have a role to play but it’s essential to have good dog grooming clippers ready to go.

How To Trim Dog's Face Without Cutting Whiskers

Use Scissors to Get Stray Hairs

Using clippers is wonderful but you will require quality dog grooming scissors at one point or another.

The goal is to make use of both tools for different parts of the dog’s face.

This means you are going to start with the main areas (i.e. top of the head, side of the face) using the dog grooming clippers and then get rid of stray hairs using scissors. This is going to provide you with an opportunity to get more out of the session without harming your dog.

Experts Say...
A combination of tools (i.e. trimmer, scissors, comb) offer a better chance to get all stray hairs without harming the dog

You will want to do this without being bitten and that is always in the back of your mind. If your dog is antsy when it comes to sudden movements then it makes sense to be precise and use scissors in sensitive parts of the dog’s face.

This is going to put them at ease and you can go about your job without feeling anxious.

Giving your dog a pedicure always seems fun but this is a far more delicate situation. You are going to have to focus on being accurate with the scissors at all times. This means going in smaller steps and not cutting all across the face in one motion.

Keep the Face Still with the Other Hand

While you learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers, it’s all about holding their face with the other hand.

This is a must!

You never want a situation where the dog’s face is moving all over the place. As you can imagine, this is going to lead to injury and/or all of the whiskers getting trimmed because your dog moved at the wrong time.

What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen in your case?

As you learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers, it’s always going to involve maximizing your leverage and positioning. This is how you are going to get on top of them and make sure they are securely in place when the trimmer is on. If you have a dog that bites, this becomes doubly important!

Keep things simple and make sure to have a secure hold around the side of their head. This will ensure they don’t move aggressively.

This is the recommended grooming method and will lead to superior results. Of course, each dog’s head shape is different, so you have to rework the angles until you feel comfortable but the idea remains the same.

Work From Above

Do you have a dog with anxiety?

This happens in some cases and that’s normal. This isn’t something to worry about as long as you are using the right angles during the process. In many situations, you are not going to have the right cutting angle and that is going to lead to injury.

What does it mean to have the right trimming angle for this process?

In general, you are going to want to work from above. This means you are going to not be at eye level with the dog and are instead going to work from the top so you can see their face clearly.

This is essential when it comes to making the most of your grooming shears method. Whether it is time to groom a pregnant dog or a young puppy, the methods are still the same. You have to start from above!

The moment you work from underneath or from eye level, there are many issues that can arise. Your dog is also going to feel in control of the situation and that means they are going to want to move around.

You have to be assertive and make sure you are on top during the process, so they know it is not going to be easy to move.

Final Thoughts

Just like you focus on finding the safest leash for your dog, assessing the value of a no-pull harness for dogs, or choosing the finest chew treats, it’s important to think about the trimming process in detail.

If you want to learn how to trim dog’s face without cutting whiskers, it’s important to start by understanding what works and what doesn’t.

This is a wonderful opportunity to understand the intricate steps involved in doing things the right way.

With the right dog hair trimmer in hand, you are going to have no trouble at all in managing your dog’s facial hair!

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