Why Is My Hamster Biting Me All Of A Sudden?

Are you wondering “Why is my hamster biting me all of a sudden?”

When a hamster starts biting as soon as you pick it, there may be an underlying issue that has to be resolved.

A lot of hamster owners deal with this concern and don’t know what caused it. There are days when things are okay and then all of a sudden your hamster bites you!

This detailed guide is going to help answer “Why is my hamster biting me all of a sudden?” and highlight what the main reasons are.

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Why Is My Hamster Biting Me All Of A Sudden?

You Woke Them Up

Hamster bites aren’t fun but sometimes the reason is simple.

If the hamster was in a deep sleep, they are not going to like being woken up. This is just like a human that has been sleeping and randomly gets moved or picked up. It’s not going to work out too well for the person doing it!

You have to be gentle around hamsters and respect their sleep.

There is rarely a good reason to pick them up when they’re sleeping and if you have to do it, make sure to wake them up before grabbing at their body.

This will allow them to move around a bit before you start handling them. Also, it is smart to start wearing good hamster handling gloves while doing this.

Why Is My Hamster Biting Me All Of A Sudden?

Feeling Sick

Is your hamster feeling sick?

This can be a reason for their irritation and frustration.

When a hamster isn’t feeling well, they are not going to be like themselves. It’s natural for them to start to push away and want to stay to themselves. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your hamster at all times and start determining when things are off.

If the hamster is starting to bite, it may have to do with the type of illness or injury they’re dealing with.

Perhaps, you are pressing on something that has broken or isn’t working as it is supposed to?

If this is something you are suspicious of, it may be time to book an appointment with the vet. They will know what to look for and are going to make sure the hamster is good to go as soon as possible.

Please note, this is rare and often there are other reasons for the hamster biting you. However, it is never a bad idea to go to the vet for a general check-up.

They will go through a complete diagnosis to determine what is wrong and whether or not that has to do with the hamster’s erratic behavior.

You Are Holding Them Tighter

Are you holding the hamster too tightly when you pick it up?

Hamster owners become too comfortable after a while and that is when things go pear-shaped.

You have to take the time to follow set steps when it comes to keeping your hamster happy and safe. There are far too many examples of hamster owners becoming reckless when they are taking a hamster out of its cage. This leads to the hamster becoming erratic and aggressive because of how you are handling it.

Take the time to use gloves for handling hamsters and follow a step-by-step approach when it comes to holding them in your hands.

If you are someone that forgets, it is time to take action before you get bitten by a hamster again.

Whether it is an old or new hamster, you have to take the time to be gentle with them. This is an obvious mistake that is made and it often comes after a few months when you are comfortable with the hamster in your hands.

You have to keep it as comfortable as possible and that begins by handling it properly. It’s the only way they should be handled.

You should also focus on implementing positive changes when it comes to holding a hamster in your hands.

These changes can include:

  • Carress Them Often
  • Let Them Rest On Your Hand
  • Don’t Close Your Grip

By implementing these changes, you are going to make it easier on the hamster and they won’t nip away at your hands!

Your Hands Smell of Food

Do you wash your hands before picking up the hamster?

This is a lingering issue for hamster owners because they forget to wash their hands. If you forget, food residue can cause the hamster to assume you have food in your hands.

This will cause it to bite into your hand as a natural reaction to the scent.

The best way to get past this issue is to find a good pair of gloves for holding hamsters. This is how you are going to feel confident with them in your hands and they won’t dig into your skin.

Hamster care is important but that doesn’t mean you can assume they won’t bite. Hamsters do bite but sometimes it can be something as silly as food residue in your hands!

Take the time to determine whether or not this is the reason for them biting. If so, get started right away by washing your hands and/or putting on safe hamster handling gloves.

Why Is My Hamster Biting Me All Of A Sudden?

You Broke Up a Hamster Fight

When you try to pick up a hamster during a fight, they won’t like you coming in between them and the other hamster.

This is also going to be a time when they are being aggressive.

As a result, you are going to become a victim to their aggression as an outlet. You have to take the time to handle them carefully, especially when they are fighting with another hamster at the same time.

To do this the right way, you can easily invest in high-quality gloves for holding the hamster.

Experts Say...
Hamsters are known to fight with each depending on how the hamster cage is positioned. Getting in between a fight can lead to collateral damage (i.e. getting bitten)

When you take the time to ease into the cage during a fight, it’s a lot easier to keep them calm.

Don’t become a victim because you tried to stop a pair of hamsters from fighting!

You Haven’t Held Them For A While

How long has it been since you held the hamster?

Hamsters are known for being easy to train but they can also forget their training after a few weeks or months.

You have to stay vigilant when it comes to maintaining physical contact with the hamster. It’s the only way to ensure they are happy with you and don’t end up forgetting your touch.

Pet hamsters can act out even if they have been in your hands before. If you are reintroducing yourself to them after a few weeks, it may be best to gentle position them in your hand and let them rest there.

This will ensure they get used to being in your hand again.

Give your hamster time to settle in just like you did beforehand. It is the only way to make sure they don’t bite and hurt you.

This is one of the main reasons people end up asking, “Why is my hamster biting me all of a sudden?” and it simply comes down to not giving them enough time.

Final Thoughts

While you think about finding high-quality bedding for your hamster, buying high-quality hamster treats, or comparing hamster wheels, it’s also important to maintain contact with your hamster.

Do hamsters bite randomly?

No, there is often a reason that has to do with them biting and it’s up to you to figure this out. Don’t assume your hamster is always going to behave the same and it will often react based on what’s happening at that moment.

Take a step back and find the answer to your question, “Why is my hamster biting me all of a sudden?”

This is going to make it easier to figure out what’s happening and what changes need to be made.

Hamsters bite but that doesn’t mean it should be happening in your situation. Whether it is dwarf hamsters or Syrian hamsters, your goal should be to make them as comfortable around you as possible.

Look for the reasons mentioned here and start implementing changes to your handling approach. If that means investing in great hamster handling gloves then that is the way you need to go!

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