How To Stop A Beagle From Digging

Want to learn how to stop a beagle from digging in the yard?

This can be a frustrating experience for dog owners but it’s a reality many have to deal with. If you are in this situation at home, it may be time to take action right away before things worsen.

So, what can you do?

It’s all about understanding your options as a beagle owner, knowing the dog’s tendencies, and using deliberate steps to stop them.

This guide will help shed light on how to stop a beagle from digging in the yard and what the best dog toy to stop digging can do for your situation. Use this information as a launching pad to put a stop to this type of behavior.

Best Dog Toy To Stop Digging (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Oneisall Dog Chew Toy is a world-class solution for those learning how to stop a beagle from digging. It’s versatile, easy to buy, and offers a complete solution for unwanted dog behavior such as digging.

Place this toy in front of the beagle and it is going to focus on the toy. The simplicity of this solution and how well it is made makes the chew toy a no-brainer!

It’s perfect for beagle owners and is going to work like a charm in seconds.

How To Stop A Beagle From Digging

Use Verbal Commands

While using tasty rewards for dogs can work, it’s better to begin with simple verbal commands such as “No!” as a deterrent.

Why is this the case?

It is all about establishing a clear-cut tone for the beagle. This is going to ensure they realize there’s something wrong in their behavior and it isn’t going to be allowed moving forward.

If you do this enough, it is going to become an understood fact. Otherwise, it is easy for the beagle to continue with its bad habits and assume it’s okay to dig outdoors.

Simple commands are a good starting point because it’s free to do and you can implement the change in a matter of seconds.

Plus, your beagle is already going to be aware of these commands and can easily make the association between right and wrong when verbal commands are used. Why not take advantage of their existing knowledge and make sure the verbal command is made as soon as they think about digging in the yard?

It’s a simple change that is going to improve your situation and likely act as a safe deterrent moving forward.

How To Stop A Beagle From Digging

Create Obstacles

While you don’t want to put a dog muzzle to stop digging, it’s never a bad idea to start implementing obstacles around the property that will deter the beagle.

What can the obstacle involve?

This is going to vary depending on your house and how it is laid out. However, you should look to put small fences that aren’t easy to hop over. This is going to restrict the beagle’s access as it is roaming around the property.

When there is clear-cut access to the yard, your dog is going to be more than happy to take advantage of it.

Your goal should be to find ways to restrict how the beagle moves around the house. This doesn’t have to be done in a dangerous way nor should that ever be an option!

Your goal should be to use safe solutions that are going to act as a barrier between the beagle and the yard.

If you do this well enough, it is going to generate amazing results because the beagle won’t get to the yard to do damage.

It’s important to note this is often a temporary solution and isn’t going to get rid of the actual problem that’s causing damage. It’s important to tackle the root cause as soon as you can because obstacles don’t work for too long.

Use Dog Toys

Born for Pets has written a complete guide on the right toys for dogs and helps shed light on what keeps them entertained.

It’s best to find the best dog toys to stop digging as soon as you can.

These dog toys are going to act as a deterrent when it comes to beagles running out into the yard and digging away.

If you aren’t keeping their focus away from the yard, it becomes easy for them to continue digging. This is why more and more beagle owners are starting to use solutions that involve simple dog toys.

When their attention isn’t laser-focused on the yard, it becomes easier to keep them away.

What type of dog toy is good for a beagle?

Anything that is going to keep them preoccupied without endangering their safety. This is all about looking for a high-quality and well-reviewed dog toy that’s going to make noises and remain easy for the beagle to use.

As long as you do this, the beagle is going to have a great time and will enjoy spending time with the new toy.

The charm of using something as simple as a dog toy has to do with how well it works. This is a proven solution with beagles and is going to be a game-changer right away. The beagle will respond well to this change and that’s what matters most.

How To Stop A Beagle From Digging

Increase Their Playtime

One thing you can do for beagles is to increase their playtime at home.

This means you give them additional toys but also allow them to run around outdoors from time to time.

This shouldn’t happen in the yard (of course!) but it is never a bad idea to take them on long walks. This is going to help drain some of the energy that is running through their body and leading them to want to dig in the yard.

When a beagle doesn’t have enough energy to dig, they are not going to pursue the idea even if it crosses their mind.

It is a simple trick that is often used for aggressive behavior at home that leads to damage. Whether this is indoors or outdoors, you will want to find a way to reduce the damage that is being done and it starts by increasing their playtime.

The goal is to steer their energy towards something that is healthy and productive.

The beauty of this is knowing you can easily customize the changes based on what your beagle prefers.

Get Rid of Rodents in the Yard

As you learn how to stop a beagle from digging, it is important to think about what is enticing them into the yard.

One of the most common catalysts for this type of behavior has to do with rodents.

The beagle may not be digging for the fun of it. Instead, they may have a goal in mind and that is getting to the rodents that are running around the yard.

If they feel like the rodent is nearby, they are going to have a fun time digging into the yard to take a swipe at them!

This is a natural reaction and it is one you are going to have to think about.

If you get rid of the rodents, it is going to become easier to keep the beagle at ease during the day. Otherwise, it is going to be hurtling outdoors as soon as it gets the opportunity to do so because of the rodents.

Rodents don’t take a long time to remove, especially if you call in a professional. Take the time to implement this solution because it can help with certain beagles that are interested in running after rodents.

A simple change such as this can be a game-changer.

When it comes to learning how to stop a beagle from digging, this is a good option that does yield amazing results.

Final Thoughts

When it comes time to learn how to stop a beagle from digging, it’s important to recognize their behavior, make deliberate changes, and remain firm on your position.

Don’t assume the change is going to happen overnight because it won’t!

You have to create a strategy, find good dog toys to stop digging and make sure enough work is done for them to realize it’s bad behavior.

This is the only way you are going to get them to stop forever. Otherwise, this behavior is only going to worsen and it may become impossible to manage.

Start with the tips mentioned in this guide and ensure your beagle isn’t digging massive holes in the yard.

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