Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping!

Are you shouting, “The Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping!” in the middle of the night?

This happens to a lot of cat owners and it can be quite unpleasant.

It’s important to understand the root cause behind your cat peeing on the bed because it’s not always as complicated as you think.

This article is going to take a look at helping those shouting “The Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping!” with a detailed look at what’s going on and what changes to make as soon as you can.

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Reasons Why Cat Peed On Your Bed

Anxious or Nervous

One of the most common reasons for a cat peeing in your bed has to do with anxiety.

Yes, just like humans, a cat can also become anxious and/or nervous.

A good example of this would be a cat that has just entered your home and doesn’t know a lot about its surroundings. This can be a clear-cut example of someone that is nervous and may not feel at ease going near the cat litter.

This is a great time to ease the cat in and make sure the transition is as easy as possible.

However, what if your cat has been around for a long time and this is a newly learned behavior that is starting to bother you?

In this case, the anxiety may have more to do with the type of cat litter you are using. This is why Born for Pets takes the time to recommend the best cat litter as listed above. Only go with the right type of cat litter to ensure your cat does know where to urinate during the day or night.

If you feel the issue has to do with anxiety then it’s highly recommended to start soothing the cat and making sure the cat litter is in an accessible location. This will put it at ease and make things far easier over time.

Anxiety is all about focusing on your cat’s perspective. This can include dealing with kids in the house, other pets, or even the house itself. Look at everything and make sure the cat has a chance to relax as that will help regulate its behavior.

Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping!

Wrong Type of Cat Litter

What type of cat litter are you using at home?

Sometimes, you may end up using something that acts as a repellant. Your cat may not want to go near the cat litter and that is a major concern.

This is why you have to go with a well-reviewed cat litter that has been noted as a good option for your cat breed. By doing this, you will simplify the issue significantly and make your life easier as a cat owner.

In general, you should go with a good cat litter that repels odors and is welcoming to a cat. They will appreciate using this as a place to urinate.

Otherwise, you are going to have to deal with a wet bed every day!

Focus on looking at a cat litter that is easy for the cat to use and is ideally located. This is what will ensure the cat does know to use the cat litter and will move towards it right away. Too many cat owners don’t do this and go with something that’s inferior and simply unusable for the cat.

Medical Issue

Let’s be honest, this is the last thing a cat owner wants to hear.

However, this is a legitimate concern that has to be kept in mind. Even if your cat is healthy, it is never a bad idea to visit the vet. It can act as a precautionary measure to ensure you have a good understanding of what’s going on.

Plus, the vet is going to be more than happy to shed light on what the issue could be.

Many health-related issues do cause the bladder to act like this.

This is why you shouldn’t brush aside the issue and assume it will go away. It’s preferable to visit a vet but you can try to change the cat litter first.

If the problem persists after the cat litter change then it is time to visit a vet as soon as you can.

Cat Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping!

Poorly Located Litter Box

Where is the litter box in your house?

If it is impossible to access the cat then that might be the problem!

Getting to the cat litter shouldn’t be an impossible task. It should be straightforward because the cat may not want to deal with unnecessary hurdles when it needs to relieve itself.

You should also make sure the litter box is in a safe place.

Remember, your cat will want to relieve itself in a place that is deemed to be safe. It will want to make sure the area is comfortable just like it would in the wild.

If you aren’t able to do this then the likelihood of a wet bed will rise.

When you start showing “The cat peed on my bed while I was sleeping!” it is often a sign of a misplaced cat litter setup.

Be smart about where it is located and make sure it is fully accessible. Also, don’t place it in an area that is too hot or too cold. They may steer clear of the cat litter for this reason alone.

Too Many Cats in the House

Are there too many cats in the house?

If so, you are going to have to make a swift change to the cat litter.

Sometimes, a cat isn’t going to venture near the cat litter when others are around. This means you are going to have trouble on your hands and one of the cats will eventually soak the bed with its urine.

In general, you have to go with either a multi-cat solution or place multiple cat litters around the house.

This is the only way to regulate a cat’s urination and make sure it is not spoiling other parts of the house throughout the day or night!

Final Thoughts

A lot of people worry about handling cat poop in an apartment or finding a great dust-free cat litter, but sometimes it’s important to take a step back and assess what’s going on with your cat.

If you are starting to notice erratic behavior (i.e. peeing on the bed) then it’s essential to assess what’s going on.

There’s nothing worse than letting this issue continue for too long.

With the reasons mentioned here, you will start to gain a better understanding of why your cat is peeing in the bed instead of the cat litter.

Please take the time to buy the best cat litter for your cat as that will make sure it does pee in the right spot.

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