Why Is My Golden Retriever Panting At Night?

Are you asking, “Why is my Golden Retriever panting at night?”

When you settle in for a good sleep, it’s unsettling to hear your dog panting loudly at night. It becomes even more concerning when you don’t know what the root cause is.

This is why it’s important to take a step back and ask, “Why is my Golden Retriever panting at night?”

This is going to help drill down on what is going on, what you can do about it as a dog owner, and whether or not it is time to visit a vet.

Here is a detailed guide on the best dog food to stop a dog’s panting, why your Golden Retriever is panting so much, and what steps to take moving forward.

Best Dog Food to Stop Dog’s Panting (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food is perfect for a Golden Retriever. It’s an all-natural formulation that’s easy to eat, great for the digestive system, and tastes amazing too.

When it comes to helping a Golden Retriever with its panting at night, there’s nothing better than making a proper change in dietary intake. This is one of the best all-natural dog foods for Golden Retrievers and is ideal as a replacement.

Why Is My Golden Retriever Panting At Night?

Digestive Concerns

Some people will take a look at their dog’s panting and realize it may have more to do with what they’re eating.

Studies have shown dogs do deal with digestive issues depending on what they’re fed. The same applies to a Golden Retriever.

Just like crate training during the night, you also have to think about what the Golden Retriever is eating before going to bed. This is going to vary in each household but it’s your responsibility to make sure they are eating something nutritious and healthy.

The food mentioned in this article is a great option for your Golden Retriever and is going to help their liver digest nutrients. If they are eating the wrong type of dog food, this is going to put a tremendous amount of stress on their digestive system.

It’s important to take action right away and make sure they are eating dog food that’s safe for Golden Retrievers.

By making a simple change such as this, you can start to see positive results. Don’t be afraid to bring in quality dog food that is good for your Golden Retriever and is going to be easy to buy.

Whether it is buying a slow feed dog food bowl or investing in great-tasting dog treats, it’s important to analyze what and how your dog is eating. This is the only way to get to the crux of the matter as a dog owner.

Why Is My Golden Retriever Panting At Night?

Too Much Heat

A legitimate concern that happens during the summer months involves heat.

A Golden Retriever has a thick coat that is great for the winters but can be challenging during the hotter days of summer.

This is why you have to pay attention to how your dog is feeling.

If you start to notice the dog is panting (at any time of the day), it is time to find a way to cool them down and give them cold water. Otherwise, the heat is going to lead to medical concerns that are simply not something you want to deal with.

If you start to notice your Golden Retriever pant during the night, it is time to increase the amount of cooling indoors.

This can be done in several ways whether your crank up the AC, open a window, or simply turn on the fan.

The goal is to make a difference in the room where your dog bed is located. In a lot of cases, this is a change that works wonders.


This isn’t common but it is something to pay attention to.

In general, a Golden Retriever may start feeling anxious in the middle of the night. This is going to vary depending on what is going on inside the home.

For example, if there is a lot of movement inside or outside the house, the Golden Retriever may become anxious about its surroundings. The same applies to a thunderstorm that is rolling around the area and is making quite a bit of noise.

If you start to realize there is a lot of noise in the area then this could be the reason for your dog’s panting.

In most cases, anxiety is triggered by something in a dog, so you have to keep an eye out for those particular triggers.

If there is a pattern developing each night, you have to find a way to calm the Golden Retriever down rather than letting it persist for too long. This is when it becomes a health risk and is something you don’t want the Golden Retriever to go through.

Always try to soothe your Golden Retriever using things it is comfortable with (i.e. blanket, dog toys, dog bed).

This is essential, otherwise, your dog will continue to pant throughout the night.

Why Is My Golden Retriever Panting At Night?

General Pain

This is one of the more concerning reasons and it is time to visit a vet right away.

While it is not as common for a Golden Retriever to pant in pain, but it is still something you have to be hyper-alert about as a dog owner.

How will you know whether or not it has to do with pain?

The first thing a dog owner should do is take a look at other triggers. For example, the triggers mentioned above are often more common in comparison to a dog dealing with pain. This is especially true if the panting only happens during the night and not at other times of the day.

If your dog continues to pant at all hours of the day then it may have to do with heat, anxiety, or pain.

On the safe side, it is always recommended to go to a vet and see what they have to say after running a series of tests.

Your goal should be to comfort the Golden Retriever and make immediate adjustments to its living area. This includes increasing the cooling, making sure a lot of noise isn’t entering its room at night, and also giving it the right type of dog food.

Final Thoughts

As you hope to answer the question, “Why is my Golden Retriever panting at night?” it comes down to understanding your dog.

In some cases, you are going to have a heat-related issue because it is too hot indoors. If it is in the middle of the summer and you know it’s warming up indoors then this is a clear-cut reason for the Golden Retriever’s panting.

You have to find a way to reduce the heat because their coat is heavy. It will feel like wearing a jacket in the middle of the summer!

The same applies to other issues because panting is rarely a good sign unless the dog has been playing for hours.

Start with the tips mentioned in this guide and do take the time to invest in the best dog food to stop a dog’s panting!

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