What Should I Do When My Room Smells Like Hamster?

Are you sitting around asking, “What should I do when my room smells like hamster?”

To the surprise of many people, having a hamster as a pet means there’s going to be an underlying stench that fills the room. Some get used to it, while others demand a solution as soon as they can find one!

So, which type of person are you?

If you are someone that is legitimately wondering, “What should I do when my room smells like hamster?” then it is time to find a proper solution.

This detailed guide will take a look at the best solution for getting rid of the smell of a hamster without endangering yourself.

Best Odor Prevention for Hamsters (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Arm & Hammer Super-Absorbent Cage Liner is one of those solutions that’s easy to use, consistent, and designed by a trusted brand. You can easily prevent hamster odors by setting up this liner and letting it sit for a bit.

Over time, the odor is going to be eliminated and your room will smell great again.

What Should I Do When My Room Smells Like Hamster?

Use a Cage Liner

The best place to start is with a high-quality cage liner that can be set up inside the cage’s tray.

By using a cage liner, it’s easy to control the odor before it spreads around the room.

Remember, it’s natural for there to be an odor. Your hamster is going to relieve itself inside the cage and this will happen often. When the wet waste starts sitting around, it is going to leave an organic stench.

This stench can be difficult to ignore and it’s something you have to handle immediately.

A lot of hamster owners don’t do this and that’s what worsens the situation dramatically.

By setting up a good cage liner for the hamster cage, you are going to find it easier to regulate the smell year-round.

Your goal should be to find a versatile solution that’s easy to set up and is going to keep the stench at bay throughout the day. Anything short of this is going to leave you wanting to cover your nose!

Find a High-Quality Air Freshener for Hamsters

Have you taken the time to find world-class air fresheners for hamsters?

There are specific options that are made for animal-related odors that can be used at home.

A top air freshener such as the FREY Universal Freshener is wonderful and will deliver amazing results as soon as you put it to use.

If you have a hamster cage set up inside your bedroom then it makes sense to have an air freshener on standby at all times. This is the only way you can regulate the smell inside your room without having to run in the opposite direction.

While you may adore your hamster, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to tolerate the odors that spread throughout your room!

It’s okay to find a high-quality solution that is going to help get rid of the odor as soon as possible.

When you start spraying the air freshener around the room, it’s going to get rid of the pet odor right away. While this is only a short-term solution for the pet odor, it’s still something to keep up your sleeve at all times.

Start with something as simple as this and then start making long-term changes to keep the pet odor away.

What Should I Do When My Room Smells Like Hamster

Clean the Cage Frequently

The hamster cage should be cleaned as often as possible.

To do this, you will want to take out the hamster and place it in a separate cage and/or hamster wheel where it can spend time.

While the hamster is preoccupied, you can start to work on cleaning the hamster cage.

While doing this, you are going to want to ensure to be as methodical as possible. This means taking out each component, tossing out the hamster bedding, and ensuring all of the waste is eliminated effectively.

If you miss a spot, this is going to ruin the cleaning process and will lead to a lingering stench you don’t want to deal with!

Stay patient during the cleaning process and make sure to clean everything. This is a must.

If you do this the right way, the results are going to be impressive. This is one of the most effective ways of keeping the pet odor away, especially when it comes to your pet hamster.

A lot of hamster owners don’t clean the cage as often as they need to, which becomes the number one reason for the lingering stench.

If you are someone that is asking, “What should I do when my room smells like hamster?” then it is best to begin here.

What Should I Do When My Room Smells Like Hamster

Toss Out Bedding Often

When you are finding the best bedding for hamsters, you are going to look everywhere for something that’s soothing, welcoming, and ideal for your type of hamster.

Well, what happens when that bedding gets ruined or soiled?

This is when the stench starts to seep into the bedding and ruins the entire cage. You have to take action by making sure there’s a scheduled bedding removal throughout the week.

This is the only way to feel confident about how the bedding ages.

If you let the smell settle inside the bedding, it is only going to get worse with time. This is a natural reaction to the waste finding a spot in the bedding and being rubbed all over the place.

If you take the initiative to remove the hamster bedding, it’s easier to see consistent results and get rid of the odor.

When you are removing the hamster bedding make sure to replace it immediately with a brand-new solution. You always want the cage prepared for your hamster as this is still its home.

If you make dramatic changes to its bedding, this is going to have an impact on the hamster’s mental health.

Air Out the Room

Are you taking out the time to air the room?

By simply opening the window and letting the air enter into your room, the odor will start to disappear. It is something as simple as this that can make a noteworthy difference while trying to overcome hamster-related odors.

A lot of the time, the pet odor can start to settle in because air isn’t entering the room.

This is why you have to take the initiative to open a window and let the breeze enter as freely as possible.

Over a span of a few minutes, the odor is going to start to go away.

While this doesn’t always mean the stench is going to disappear forever, it is still a step you need to take because it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of effort on your part.

When you have opened the window, it’s then time to start implementing other strategies including using a cage liner and/or air freshener. These long-term solutions are going to generate amazing results if you are patient enough to clean properly.

Final Thoughts

If you are asking, “What should I do when my room smells like hamster?” then it is time to begin with the tips mentioned here.

These tips will go a long way in eliminating the pet odor associated with your hamster.

Even in the best of situations, there’s always going to be a concern about pet odors. This is why you have to take the time to see the different solutions out there and find one that works best for your setup.

By doing this, you are going to find it easier to enjoy your pet hamster and all that comes with it.

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