Guide On How To Find Dog Urine Without A Blacklight

Want to know how to find dog urine without a blacklight?

When your dog relieves itself inside the house, it’s important to take action right away. This can become a challenging situation to deal with and that’s why dog owners worry about missing a spot.

So, what can you do when it comes to finding the dog urine without using a blacklight?

There are several ways of finding the dog urine and making sure you take care of it right away.

This guide on how to find dog urine without a blacklight is going to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.

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How To Find Dog Urine Without A Blacklight

If you are someone that wants to avoid using a blacklight to find dog urine, it may be time to get crafty.

You are going to have a few options available to you.

These natural methods for finding dog urine at home do work well. It’s all about staying patient, looking at where your dog has spent time and then marking the urine with something before cleaning everything.

There are two methods that work well in this particular situation. Let’s dig deeper into how to find dog urine without a blacklight.

Look for Yellow or Dull Green Stains

This is the easiest way to find dog urine indoors.

In essence, you are going to visually assess different parts of the house. This includes your carpeting, hardwood floors, tiles, furniture, and anything else the dog could have been exposed to.

If you are worried about missing a spot, it’s all about the color in this case.

You want to look for small puddles that are present indoors. These are going to be a specific color (yellow or a dull green). This is the color you want to be on the lookout for as you assess each room in your house.

If you do this properly, it’s going to be easy to spot dog urine and get rid of it as soon as you can.

Start with this visual test and you are going to have an easy time making sure the dog urine goes away without leaving a lingering stench.

How To Find Dog Urine Without A Blacklight

Do a Smell Test

Have you done a smell test?

A smell test to find dog urine at home is designed to use your powerful nose. In general, the dog urine is going to have a distinct scent and it is going to stand out as you walk around at home.

It is going to be musky and will have a lingering presence that is remarkably overpowering.

This is why getting rid of the dog urine is essential!

You cannot let it stay for too long or your flooring/furniture is going to get ruined. This is why taking action is a must as a homeowner.

With the smell test, you are going to want to get close to the mess and see whether or not it has a musky scent to it. You are going to know it is urine right away due to that innate muskiness.

If you believe it is dog urine then mark it and continue to walk around the house. This is going to allow you to keep that scent on your mind while looking for additional spots that have been peed on.

It’s all about methodically walking around the property and making sure the dog urine doesn’t settle in.

Reasons for Quickly Finding Dog Urine at Home

Eliminates the Stench

The number one reason has to do with the stench. With dog urine, your property is going to smell bad and it is going to spread throughout the house.

There is a common misconception associated with dog urine and it has to do with where the smell spreads. A lot of people assume it is going to stay in one room when that is not the case.

The smell is going to spread from room to room and it will become challenging for you to handle.

Take care of the dog urine as soon as possible and make sure to use a powerful cleaner to do so. It’s the only way to feel confident as a homeowner.

Prevents Flooring and/or Carpet Damage

When it comes to learning how to find dog urine without a blacklight, it’s best to use a manual method because it prevents flooring damage.

You will easily spot the problem area(s) and get a proper solution together as soon as possible.

This is what property owners need to do when it comes time to manage the unwanted dog urine.

Don’t assume it’s going to be fine. It needs to be managed the right way before it seeps into the flooring and/or carpet.

How To Find Dog Urine Without A Blacklight

Protects All Inhabitants

You have to think about those residing inside the property and that includes your dog.

You don’t want anyone walking on the urine as that is unhealthy and is one of the easiest ways to fall ill.

Keep safe by making sure a dog urine cleaner is used on top of the urine immediately. This is the only way to feel confident that you have taken care of the issue. Anything short of this is only going to put everyone in harm’s way.

By removing the dog urine indoors, you will know everyone is going to be safe.

Stops Staining

Dog urine stains are a difficult thing to deal with and it’s important to understand all of your options as a dog owner.

You don’t want the puddle of dog urine to linger for too long. If you leave this for too long, the stain is going to worsen and will become almost impossible to remove without a deeper cleanse.

This is why dog owners are highly recommended to start running a smell or visual test around the home as soon as you feel the dog has peed inside. This is the only way to get to the bottom of what’s going on indoors.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to learning how to find dog urine without a blacklight, the tips provided in this guide should go a long way.

Take the time to pursue these manual methods even if you are using a blacklight indoors.

It’s all about seeing what works and what doesn’t. The only goal is to make sure you find what is happening and take care of the issue head-on.

If you let the problem linger for too long, it is only going to worsen the situation. It’s better to act now and make sure you are preparing the dog as needed. This is why dog owners have to be careful when it comes to understanding crate training.

Start with this guide and know you are going to be safe even if you leave the dog outside their crate.

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